Publications in 2012

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ECG compression for remote healthcare systems using selective thresholding based on energy compaction

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New ways in stroke rehabilitation

Singapore HCI Symposium, 27th February 2012, Singapore:

[4] Michael Jöbges


Invited presentation at symposium „Telemedizin in der Neurorehabilitation“, 22. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurorehabilitation e.V. (DGNR), Fürth, Germany, 22.-24. November, 2012.

[5] Peter Langendörfer, Thomas Basmer, Krzysztof Piotrowski, Steffen Ortmann

Wireless Telemedicine Sensor nodes: Requirements and Challenges Ahead

IEEE 6th Radio Wireless Week, Santa Clara, California, USA, January, 2012.

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[9] Steffen Ortmann

FP7 project StrokeBack

FP7 cluster meeting: “ICT solutions in the rehabilitation area”, Brussels, Belgium, October, 2012.

[10] Steffen Ortmann

User-centric design in telemedical stroke rehabilitation

NET-EUCEN workshop: “eHealth scenarios and indicators for user centricity”, Brussels, Belgium, September, 2012.

[11] Steffen Ortmann

Telemedizin und Rehabilitation: Technische Möglichkeiten und Forschungspotentiale

Symposium Tele-Rehabilitation, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany, April, 2012.

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Telemedical assistance for ambulant rehabilitation of stroke patients

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Multi-radio wireless sensor node for mobile biomedical monitoring

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[14] Emmanouela Vogiatzaki, Peter Langendörfer, Steffen Ortmann

Advanced Media Technologies for Stroke Rehabilitation

iACToR’s 17th Annual CyberPsychology & CyberTherapy Conference – Experience the Future of Health & Well Being, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium, 25–28 September, 2012.