Brandenburgklinik Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH & Co KG

Prof. Dr. Michael Jöbges

Brandenburgallee 1

16321 Bernau


Fon: +49 33397 3 4000

The BBK is a rehabilitation clinic with departments of neurology, cardiology, orthopaedics and psychosomatic medicine. The BBK is a member of the Michels Kliniken consisting of 5 rehabilitation clinics in north and east Germany. The Michels Kliniken define themselves as “evidence based rehabilitation clinics”. They invest huge efforts in developing and evaluating new and effective therapeutic strategies. In total BBK has about 3500 patients a year of which 50% are suffering from stroke. These patients are rehabilitated at the neurologic department of the BBK with key knowledge in Stroke rehabilitation.

Symptoms of stroke are polymorphic. Therefore, specialised wards and working groups were founded. Aphasias, neuropsychological and motor deficits are the main topics of these working groups. Naturally, enhancing neuronal plasticity in general is a key topic of our research. Corresponding to these innovative rehabilitation strategies the rehabilitation outcome of our indoor patients is pleasing. Frequently, patients decrease in their functional capacities after leaving our clinic. Main reasons are the low availability of specialised outpatient therapists, large distances to clinic centres or immobility of the patients in general.

Telerehabilitation is a possible way out of this dilemma. It is not only useful for patients after an indoor rehabilitation but also as an alternative for some patients to indoor rehabilitation. Additionally, telerehabilitation may be a new scope of business for the BBK.