Symposium on Tele-Rehabilitation 2012

Improvement of the quality of care in neurological rehabilitation by computer aided communication and networking

23rd February 2012

Telemedicine uses the many facilities of modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for providing services between patients and practitioners as well as between different practitioners in healthcare. The impact of telemedicine will lead to a fundamental paradigm shift in state of the art health care, which is currently underestimated and not sufficiently exploited. While medical expertise was locally bound to the practitioner’s location so far, i.e. either the patient/practitioner was going to the practitioner or the other way around, it now becomes independent from the location of the practitioner. In principle, medical expertise becomes available worldwide; freely following the slogan “Let medical data travel around instead of patients!”

Telemedicine is not just a “fill-in” for insufficient health supply resulting from demographic change especially in rural areas. It is a beneficial and effective instrument for improving the quality of health care. The Symposium on Tele-Rehabilitation 2012, which is organized by the German society of telemedicine in conjunction with IHP in Frankfurt (Oder), will underline the importance of neurological rehabilitation for the society and health care policies. It intends presenting how telemedical applications based on ICT can enhance the quality of care for neurological rehabilitation. Therefore, the symposium will present and discuss new developments, trends but also limits of telemedical services and applications. Topics presented during the symposiums will target on a broad medical audience, i.e., stationary and ambulant rehabilitation, hospitals, practitioners, physical and neurological therapists, care staff, producers as well as research and development facilities.

The organisers would be pleased to welcome all interested people on April 11th, 2012 in Frankfurt (Oder). Participation will be free of charge. Conference language is German.

Download: Flyer Tele-Rehabilitation-Symposium 2012, 11. April 2012, IHP, Germany


Date 11. April 2012
Venue IHP GmbH
Im Technologiepark 25
15236 Frankfurt (Oder)
Host German society of telemedicine (DGTelemed LV Berlin-Brandenburg)
in conjunction with
IHP - Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics
Fee No fee!
Registration Fax: 03 33 98 - 78 591